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Why are so many British Muslims joining the Islamic State?

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has taken to calling the route from Britain to Syria taken by a number of British schoolgirls as “the Jihadi bride trail”. But experts say that such simplifications are unhelpful to both understanding radicalisation and combating it.

“I completely disagree with [that]. I think it severely reduces the agency and the choices that women have when they make these decisions and romanticises the appeal of going and joining the Islamic State. It simplifies it,” said Nikita Malik, a researcher at radicalisation think-tank Quilliam.

“Yes, women do play a fostering role when they join the Islamic State. […] They wear double veils, they are not able to leave the house without a companion [but] the reason that individuals go out, irrespective of gender, are the same: it is a struggle trying to understand who you are and how you fit in and trying to understand aspects of your religion – and people exploit that.”

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